On August 7 Youth Akali Dal leader Vicky Middukhera was caught on CCTV gunned down dead after 20 rounds were fired at him. The incident transpired in broad day light and there were about 4 perpetrators involved in the crime. After the incident, Akali Dal spokesperson Daljit Singh Cheema gave a statement and said that the incident has revealed the state’s “deteriorating law and order situation.”


Youth Akali Dal leader Mr. Vikramjit Singh Middukhera who’s primarily known as Vicky Middukhera was shot dead in Mohali’s Sector 71 on August 7. Vicky was a prominent student leader in Mohali and in the past decade or so had played an important role in strengthening the student wing of Shiromani Akali Dal. The 33-year-old was brutally murdered in the broad daylight and the entire ordeal was caught on the CCTV footage which shows him being chased by multiple goons and then gunned down.

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What does the footage show?

The CCTV footage shows Vicky making his way to his Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) when suddenly he’s surrounded by multiple goons wearing caps with guns in their hands. The goons start shooting at Vicky who had hidden behind the driver’s door of his SUV. On being ambushed, Vicky makes a run for it and tries to flee the spot. The goons chase him and Vicky can then be seen changing the direction while he’s fleeing and the goons continue chasing him. The footage for a few seconds than shows a still frame, and then some eye witnesses gather around.

Watch CCTV Footage Here

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The Investigation that Followed

According to the police, the goons had come in a Hyundai i20 which was from Mohali, as it had the registration number from the same. The police also confirmed that Vicky was shot by 2 of the 4 goons and the guns fired at him relentlessly as he was about to get in his SUV after leaving from the office of a property dealer.

Satinder Singh, SSP (senior superintendent of police) was quoted saying, “The shooters fired about 20 rounds, of which nine bullets hit the victim.” Further investigations also confirmed eyewitnesses claiming that Vicky ran for cover for about 500 meters while the goons continued shooting him.

The police have currently seized Vicky’s SUV and have recovered evidences in the form of empty cartridges from the crime spot.

Gang Takes Responsibility on Facebook

As the police continues on its investigation, a new development has already emerged with the Bambiha gang already claiming responsibility for the crime. “Our prime suspect is Lucky,” said SSP Satinder Singh.

Lucky aka Gaurav Patial is the leader of the Bambiha gang. The Bambiha gang in its Facebook post confirmed that Vicky was shot dead because he was acting as an “informer” for another rival gang called Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

Gaurav Patiala aka Lucky took the reins of Bambiha gang after Bambiha was killed in a police encounter.

After Bambiha was killed in a police encounter, Dilpreet Singh Dahan, Sukhpreet Singh Buddha and Gaurav Patiala, alias Lucky, took the reins of the gang.

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Vicky’s Life of Crime

Interestingly enough, Vicky – who was allegedly a part of an extortion gang himself had 2 cases registered against him in Chandigarh and Mohali. The first case pertained to extortion while the second case was regarding the alleged assault.