In recent development, YouTube Gaurav Taneja, who’s popularly known as ‘Flying Beast’, received a death threat call against his 4-year-old daughter. The popular social media influencer has filed a complaint regarding the matter. The development comes just weeks after Taneja was arrested by the Noida Police on his birthday for organizing a birthday party at a metro station.

On July 28, Taneja took to Twitter, and shared a picture of his complaint. “Received a threat call against our 4 yr old daughter.Police complaint registered,” the YouTuber tweeted, tagging the Delhi Police and Ministry of Home Affairs. The screenshot of the complaint showed that the FIR was filed at the Desh Bandhu Gupta Road police station. According to reports, the phone call was made sometime around 7.33 am, on Thursday morning.

It should be noted that Gaurav Taneja enjoys massive popularity across all social media platforms. The IITian turned pilot has as many as 3.4 million followers on Instagram and over 7 million followers on YouTube.

Taneja is well adored by his fans for regularly sharing glimpses of his family in his YouTube videos. He is married to Ritu Taneja, a former pilot herself. The couple have two daughters, Rashi and Pihu.

The Facts of the Matter

Gaurav Taneja, popular YouTuber and social media influencer, recently allegedly received a death threat against his four-year-old daughter. The influencer has followed up on the alleged death threat and has filed a complaint at the police station.

Earlier on Thursday, Taneja took to Twitter and shared picture of the complaint filed at the police station regarding the alleged death threat. “Received a threat call against our 4 yr old daughter.Police complaint registered.@DelhiPolice @HMOIndia,” the tweet read.

Based on the picture shared along with the tweet, Taneja approached Desh Bandhu Gupta Road police station. He also received the alleged death threat call sometime around 7.33 am, as per the subject line in the application.

Delhi HC Passes Order on Defamatory Article Against Gaurav Taneja

Earlier this morning, Taneja also took to Twitter and announced that the Delhi High Court passed an order against popular news outlet Mint. Taneja claimed that the Delhi High Court issued a takedown notice against Mint writer Shephali Bhatt who allegedly wrote articles that were defamatory towards the YouTuber.

“Certain unethical journo peddle a vicious attack, because some wear their identity badge proudly. All articles and tweets by #ShephaliBhatt to be taken down as per Delhi High Court order. Such journos insult “Norms of Journalistic conduct” @PressCouncil_IN,” Taneja had tweeted.

What was the Mint article about?

Calling for brands to cancel their support for Taneja, the writer had allegedly written, “Their videos attract a vast majority of the Hindi-speaking audience who find this content real, relatable, and unfiltered. Naturally, major brands flock to collaborate with them for influencer marketing campaigns,” lamented Mint reporter Shephali Bhat in her report,” the article written by Shephali Bhatt read.

“Social media users on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube, frequently point out that their content allegedly reeks of misogyny, child abuse, and abuse of their pet dog,” she had further written.

Taneja was Arrested Earlier This Month

Earlier, Taneja was in the news for being arrested by the police. On July 9, on the occasion of his birthday, Gaurav was arrested after several of his followers gathered at the Sector 51 metro station of the Aqua Line to wish him on his birthday.

Taneja’s wife Ritu had allegedly invited the followers for the birthday celebration. Owing to the YouTuber’s massive popularity, hundreds of people flocked at the station, causing inconvenience to other commuters.


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