On Monday, Zomato stated that 10-minute food delivery would be available shortly, a function that many on social media deemed “unnecessary” and unsafe for the firm’s delivery partners. Zomato’s Founder and CEO, Deepinder Goyal, announced the service on Twitter, claiming it would launch in Gurugram next month.

Zomato’s announcement started with a vow that it will not put pressure on delivery partners to bring food faster.

What Did Zomato’s Founder Say On Twitter?

Deepinder Goyal, the founder of Zomato, has read the terms and conditions of the food-ordering app’s new 10-minute delivery service, a day after the decision was slammed by many as an open door for the firm to force delivery partners into a difficult and dangerous workplace environment.

The 10-minute delivery service, according to Mr Goyal, “will be for specific nearby locations, popular and standardized items only.”

“Hello Twitter, good morning. I just want to tell you more about how 10-minute delivery works, and how it is as safe for our delivery partners as 30-minute delivery. This time, please take 2 minutes to read through this (before the outrage)”, he added on Twitter.

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People’s Outrage On The New Decision

Zomato delivery partners, he claims, are unaware of the claimed arrival time for both 10- and 30-minute deliveries.

“There will be no penalty for late deliveries.” Mr Goyal remarked on Twitter that there are no incentives for on-time deliveries for both 10- and 30-minute deliveries. He went on to say, “We’re creating additional food stations to provide 10-minute service for certain customer locations only.”

Yesterday, many people on social media criticized the 10-minute meal service as unnecessary and perhaps risky for delivery partners. Jiten Jain, a cyber security specialist, was one of the persons who raised concern that Zomato’s 10-minute delivery promise would make delivery partners’ jobs more difficult. As a consumer, 10 minutes sounds fantastic.

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Criticism Deepinder Goyal Faced

However, this would undoubtedly make your delivery staff tense and unreliable. Mr Jain tweeted, “I’m confident 30 minutes is worth waiting for wonderful cuisine to arrive at our doorsteps.”

In response to the criticism, Mr Goyal stated in a tweet today that 10-minute deliveries will result in less time on the road per order. Mr Goyal said, “We continue to educate our delivery partners on road safety and also provide accidental and life insurance.”

Many users used memes to criticise the Zomato Instant meal delivery service on Twitter, where #Zomato has been trending since the launch Friday evening.

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Here is what Zomato has Planned

With the delivery partner riding at 20 kilometres per hour, Zomato hopes to bring food to customers in 3-6 minutes.

To make sure that the food is clean, fresh, and hot when it is picked up by the delivery partner, the firm will rely extensively on dish-level need forecasting models and in-station robotics.

Depending on predictability, Zomato will house bestseller products – roughly 20-30 dishes throughout its finishing stations from partnered eateries.

It also says that the costs of the items will be decreased if the 10-minute model is followed.


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