On Thursday, Zomato founder promised help worth Rs. 12 lakhs to the wife of delivery executive who was killed in an accident. The accident victim, Salil Tripathi, died in an accident after his bike was allegedly rammed by a drunk police constable’s SUV. The incident occurred earlier on Saturday last week in New Delhi. Reportedly, Tripathi had lost his job due to COVID-19 and was forced to take the job of delivery executive. Deepinder Goyal, Zomato founder, announced that Zomato will also make efforts to provide his wife a job (if she chooses to agree). The victim Salil Tripathi is survived by his wife Sucheta and their 10-year-old son. After Salil’s untimely accident was report, support came pouring for those grieving the death.

The Facts of the Matter

A few days after the death of its delivery executive made the news, Zomato founder took to Twitter today and announced his company’s plan for the kin of the accident victim. Taking to Twitter, Deepinder Goyal wrote, “We are deeply aggrieved by the death of our delivery partner Salil Tripathi in an unfortunate road incident. We are extending all possible support to help the family get through this.”

Goyal attached a statement along with his tweet in which the company’s support plan for the kin of accident victim was shared. The statement added how the company has helped with funeral expenses and a team had personally visited the hospital and met the family after the executive was admitted.

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Zomato Employees Collects 12 Lakhs for Bereaved

“Zomato employees have collectively contributed Rs. 12 lakhs towards family’s future,” the company’s statement read. It further added, “We are helping the family with an insurance grand of Rs 10 lakhs, depending on what the family needs going further, we will continue to support them in every possible way”.

Salil’s Wife Assured Job If She Agrees

Moreover, the founder’s statement also assured that Salil’s wife will also be supported by Zomato in landing a job. “After the family is past grieving, we will make every effort to provide a job to Sahil’s wife Sucheta (depending on whether she wants it), so that she can run the household, and support her 10-year-old son’s education going forward”, the statement read.

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How Did Salil Tripathi Pass Away?

Earlier, 38-year-old Salil Tripathi, was killed after a Delhi Police constable rammed his SUV into him. The victim also worked as a restaurant manager and to make ends meet, worked as a Zomato delivery executive. A sole-bread winner of the family, Salil and his family were in financial crunch as his father had recently died due to COVID-19 recently.

Reportedly, the police constable rammed his car into Salil’s two-wheeler vehicle before he ended up hitting a DTC bus. Such was the impact that Salil was flung high in the air and crashed near a divider. When he was rushed to a nearby hospital, he was declared dead on arrival.

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Support Poures for Delivery Exec’s Family

After his untimely demise, netizens from across the nation came in support for the befevered on Twitter. Moreover, financial support also came pouring in after the news started making a buzz. Manish Mundra, a film producer, reportedly gave Salil’s wife Sucheta an amount of Rs. 4 lakhs.

An Indian Express report shared that a marketing director working at a software company in Bengaluru came forward in funding Salil’s son’s education. Similarly, a construction business owner also came forward and condoled the death while adding that hey contributed in the son’s education.


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