A video of a woman riding a motorcycle while carrying a Zomato delivery bag has gone viral on social media, sparking confusion about whether she was associated with the company. Zomato’s CEO has now clarified that the company was not involved in the marketing stunt.

The video shows a woman without a helmet riding on a busy street in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. She can be seen wearing a t-shirt with the Zomato logo and carrying a food delivery bag bearing the company’s branding.

Claims of Marketing Stunt Refuted

The video was shared widely on Twitter by user @rajivmehta19, who claimed it was part of a marketing gimmick thought up by Zomato’s “Indore Marketing Head.” The tweet alleged the woman was a model hired to ride around with an empty Zomato bag to promote the brand.

Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal took to Twitter to strongly deny these claims. Goyal stated that Zomato had “absolutely nothing to do with this” and that the company does not even have a position called “Indore Marketing Head.”

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Zomato Does Not Endorse Helmetless Riding

Goyal further clarified that Zomato does not endorse riding without a helmet. He asserted that this appeared to be an unauthorized individual “free-riding” on the Zomato brand name.

The Zomato CEO reiterated that the company employs hundreds of female delivery partners who work ethically to support their families. However, he emphasized that all delivery partners are expected to follow road safety rules.

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Video Sparks Debate on Social Media

The viral video has sparked debate on social media, with many expressing concern about the woman’s lack of safety gear while riding. Others argued the marketing stunt, real or fake, promoted irresponsible behavior.

However, some defended her right to work and pointed out the video does not show the full context.

Zomato’s Response Draws Praise

Goyal’s strong disavowal of the marketing stunt has drawn praise online. People have commended the CEO for clearly communicating Zomato’s stance and commitment to road safety.

The viral video highlights the potential public relations challenges faced by delivery platforms regarding unauthorized or controversial promotions. However, Zomato’s unambiguous response has limited serious reputational damage from this particular incident.

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