Ayush, son of BJP MP Kaushal Kishore, was shot by a bike-borne assailant in Lucknow on Tuesday. The 30-year-old was rushed to the Lucknow Trauma Centre with a bullet injury sustained early hours on Wednesday. On hearing the news, BJP MP Kaushal and senior police officials rushed to the trauma centre. According to the doctors, Ayush was lucky as the bullet bruised his right arm and the MP’s son is discharged.

Meanwhile, the Lucknow Police arrested Ayush’s brother-in-law who when interrogated, confessed that Ayush planned the attack on himself to eventually frame someone else. Lucknow DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) Dhruv Kant Thakur gave a statement saying how late-night Lucknow Police got information of the firing on Ayush at the Madiyaon police station region.

The police team rushed to the spot after receiving the information and Ayush was rushed to the KGMU Trauma Centre. Upon investigation, the police came to know that the son of MP himself planned the attack and involved his brother-in-law to press the trigger. The police also recovered the pistol and bullets used in the attack, according to the Lucknow DCP.

“During the investigation, it was found that his brother-in-law was with him. CCTV footage has been investigated. A pistol was found at the son’s house during the search operation,” said DK Thakur in his statement.

According to reports, Ayush gave the police a statement wherein he claimed that the shoot-out transpired at 2.45 AM on Wednesday morning when he was coming back to his home. A bike-borne assailant fired a shot at him which hit his right hand. The assailant soon fleed from the scene, claimed Ayush.

However, during the interrogation, Ayush’s brother-in-law Adarsh admitted to the fact that it was in fact Ayush himself who planned the attack and asked him to fire a shot at him. Ayush planned the event in order to frame his rivals in an attempt-to-murder case. “Adarsh admitted that he fired at Ayush to implicate some persons,” the Lucknow police official said, adding that the probe in the matter continues.

It should be noted that the BJP MP has lodged no FIR in the case of his son’s shooting. But Uttar Pradesh Police will be continuing the probe to identify the reasons as to why the MP’s son would plan himself getting shot.

When asked whether an FIR was or will be filed in the case, the Lucknow DCP said, “No one has filed a complaint. We will do it as the weapon used in the act has been recovered.” The police officer also revealed that Adarsh confessed to shooting Ayush in order to implicate some persons.

News agency ANI spoke to the BJP MP who said, “If Ayush’s brother-in-law shot at him, then, Ayush should’ve shared it. Police probe on. I’ve not registered an FIR yet.”

The MP also said how Adarsh and Ayush both don’t have enmity with anyone and know what they are saying. “Why will they get someone implicated, I have no idea,” he added.