The shaking Canadian nature lover encountered a particularly horrifying sight that could have come straight out of a cannibal horror movie, seeing two bare-chested women eating away at an already deceased dear.

Corinea Stanhope, who had placed a camera in her vicinity to record any wildlife activity, was shocked when she discovered this strange sight that has left many people on the internet flabbergasted and pondering the possibility of shadowy supernatural forces.

The 36 year old mother of three was horrified to discover the dead carcass of a deer just a few yards away from her house while riding her horse. Setting up a camera to capture animal wildlife, she was astonished the next morning upon examining the footage that appeared to depict two naked women feasting on the dead deer.

The photographs depict two figures with long, disheveled black hair, likely wearing a loincloth, standing above a deceased deer. With their faces concealed beneath their hair, they seem to hunker down and stretch their arms forward to clasp a hoof with their long fingers. After seizing it, they appear to take a bite.

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