In Karnataka, locals recently got a buffalo as the chief guest in a bus shelter Inauguration. According to reports, the locals were upset with authorities and decided to show their protest by having not a politician, or a dignitary as a chief guest, but a buffalo as one. The incident was reported from Balehosur village in Karnataka’s Gadag district and occurred earlier on July 19.

According to reports, the first bus shelter was constructed sometime about 40 years ago, and had collapsed only a few years into its existence. Since then, locals were forced to wait at hotels and homes and other establishments for their buses. Furthermore, the conditions got worsened every year during monsoons, when children and elderly also had to seek refuge to nearby hotels and rooms so that they could their buses on time. The bus shelter was an active one, with school and college buses also arriving and departing.

For the last few years, the locals had been requesting the local MLA and MP to take action regarding the restoration of the bus shelter. However, their pleas fell on deaf ears. Soon, the villagers decided to pool money on their own, and built a temporary shelter. For the inauguration of the shelter, they had a buffalo for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Facts of the Matter

Protests are of many kinds, and the most successful ones are non-violent protests that are quirky in nature. Earlier this month, a unique protest of Madhya Pradesh citizens. went viral where they decided to shed light on the pot-hole situation in their community. The locals in Anuppur turned massive pot holes into beach, and tried to get attention of authorities in their unique manner.

Locals Gather for Unique Protest

In a similar incident reported from Karnataka, some locals decided to protest against the negligence of local politicians. After their requests of having a new bus shelter in their area went unheard, the locals created a temporary shelter by themselves. And as a protest, they decided to not call any MLA, or MP. The angry locals decided to have a buffalo as a chief minister who would cut the ribbon.

40 Year Old Bus Shelter Collapsed

The incident was reported from Gadag’s Balehosur village in Karnataka. According to reports, the village had one bus shelter that was constructed 40 years ago. A few years into its existence the bus shelter collapsed.

Since then, the locals were forced to wait in hotel rooms, or houses of residents near the area, or other establishments, causing inconvenience.

Furthermore, school going children and college students were also depended on these buses, and hence were troubled on a regular basis. The inconvenience became immeasurably more during monsoons.

Locals Appeal to MLA, MP

Over years, the collapsed bus stand turned into a waste dumping yard. The villagers meanwhile, were requesting the local MLA and MP to have the bus shelter restored. They alleged that although the local leaders agreed to take an action, the bus shelter remain unrestored.

‘Atmanirbhar’ Locals Restore Shelter

The angry and frustrated villagers decided to become ‘atmanirbhar’, and pooled money to repair the bus shelter by themselves. Soon, a temporary bus shelter was constructed with the help of coconut fronds.

The locals also conducted an inauguration program for the temporary shelter, and decided to have a buffalo as the chief guest of the event.

Viral Video Reaches MLA

The unique form of protest went viral, and video of the inauguration ceremony caused massive outrage among netizens who sought response from the authorities. MLA Ramappa Lamani claimed that he was not aware of the issue and the inauguration.

He promised locals that the matter will be looked into, and that a new bus shelter will be constructed soon.


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