An Oklahoma-based man recently got a real life ‘go to jail card’ for shooting his family after a monopoly game they were playing went wrong and turned violent. The incident was reported from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the accused was identified as John Armstrong. The accused, who was reportedly intoxicated at the time of incident, chased his stepfather down the street, firing at them. Armstrong was later arrested and charged with assault using deadly force.

Earlier on Saturday, Armstrong was having a chill evening with his family, playing a game of monopoly, and drinking together. Somehow, the simple board game got to a point of no return when Armstrong and his step father started arguing about the game. The argument turned physical when the stepfather-son duo knocked the furniture over, and took the brawl to the streets.

A physical altercation soon followed, where the accused received a cut on his head. In a fit of rage, the accused pulled out his gun, and chased his stepfather and stepsister on the street, firing at them. After being nabbed, the accused admitted to firing, claiming he shot “at the ground”.

While it is not clear as to what really triggered the brawl, Armstrong did get served with a ‘go to jail’ card, without an option of passing GO.

The Facts of the Matter

Trivial and fun games like Monopoly, UNO!, Scrabble, offer a time full of laughter and enjoyment. However, when stakes are high, and competitive spirit takes over, it can often lead to an argument, which in some cases, can be a reason to put someone in jail.

An Oklahoma-based man recently got a real life ‘Go directly to jail’ card after he shot at his family, which included his stepfather and stepsister.

The incident occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the accused, John Armstrong, was hanging out with his family earlier on Saturday evening. The accused was drinking and having a good time playing Monopoly with his family, when an argument occurred over unknown reasons.

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Argument Turns into Brawl

At some point during the argument, the accused and his stepfather knocked the furniture down and flipped over the boardgame placed there. This was when the family took the brawl to the street and engaged in a physical altercation.

The altercation reached to a point of no return when the accused, John Armstrong, received a cut on his head. This was when the neighbours spotted John chasing his stepfather and stepsister with a gun in his hand, and allegedly shooting at him.

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Cops Respond to Alert

Cops with the Tulsa Police Department soon received an alert regarding shots being fired, and rushed to the scene of action. When they reached the scene, they learnt that the family members had been drinking together, and the Monopoly game turned violent, with Armstrong shooting at his family.

In a press release, Tulsa Police Department Officer Danny Bean was quoted saying, “It escalated quickly from family game night to furniture being turned over and game pieces all over the floor.” Danny Bean further added that the accused fired a single round aiming at the ground.

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“Something set him off..”

“He said he was aiming for the ground when he shot at them. But we came close to having a homicide over a game of Monopoly. We don’t know if it was about game pieces, play money, real money, but something set him off,” officer Bean further said

Making a cheeky pun, Bean further said, “There are no get out of jail free cards in life, and we put the cuffs on him and took him to jail.”


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