In a baffling incident, a UP man has been using an 80-feet tall palm tree as ‘Kop Bhavan’ and has been living on the tree since a month after being upset over fight with wife. The incident is reported from Mau district located in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. The irate husband has been identified as 42-year-old Ram Pravesh.

According to an India Today report, Ram Pravesh has been causing hindrances to people residing near the 80-feet tall palm tree which he has been using as his sulking chambers (kop-bhavan). Many locals living adjacent to the tree have been annoyed at the fact that Ram Pravesh watches them doing their day to day chores which affects their sense of privacy.

Further, women too have come forward and have complained about Ram Pravesh’s peeping-tom like behavior. Women have alleged that police came after hearing multiple complaints, took a video of Ram Pravesh sitting on top of the palm tree, and left.

According to the India Today report, 42-year-old Ram Pravesh was having disputes with his wife since the last six months. He has alleged that he was thrashed by his wife. Upset over his wife’s behaviour, he climbed a tree, and has been living there since a month

Reportedly, people from all across the village visit his son every day to check on him.

The Facts of the Matter

In several Indian scriptures, there are references to ‘Kop Bhavan’, which were created for the rich, royalties and affluent. These chambers were used to grieve, contemplate, brood, and sulk by those who got them made.

Man Uses Tree as ‘Kop Bhavan’

While the royalties have disappeared, a man in Uttar Pradesh has been using an 80-feet tall palm tree as a ‘Kop Bhavan’. The man, who was having marital issues with his wife, decided to stay away from her, and has been living on the palm tree since a month.

Husband Alleges Wife Beat him

The incident reported from  Kopaganj area of Mau district, Uttar Pradesh, and the story is that of 42-year-old Ram Pravesh. According to an India Today report, Ram Pravesh had been having fights with his wife, who remains unidentified, for the last six months. Further, he also alleged that his wife had beaten him up as well.

How UP Man Lives on Tree

To get away from his wife, Ram Pravesh decided to climb up the 80-feet tall tree in his village. Since a month, Ram Pravesh has been sustaining on food and water his family hangs near the tree, tied to a rope. As one would assume, Ram Pravesh does step down of the tall tree at nights to defecate and attend the nature’s call.

Villagers Claim Loss of Privacy, No Action by Police

Meanwhile, villagers have made repeated attempts to convince Ram Pravesh to come down and make amends with his wife. Further, villagers have expressed their apprehensions regarding Ram Pravesh and his ordeal. They have lost all sense of privacy as Ram Pravesh has a vantage point and he can see what locals are doing in their houses. Further, women too have raised complaints regarding Ram Pravesh’s ways.

According to a local, identified by India Today as Deepak Kumar, police came to the spot after multiple complaints, took the video of Ram Pravesh, and left the scene. Meanwhile, Shrikishun Ram, father of Ram Pravesh, has claimed that villagers have come every day to see Ram Pravesh on the tree.


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