In a shocking video gone viral, a Malaysian boss can be seen beating his employee with a stick. The company in question has been reported to be infamous for such incidents. The horrific incident reportedly took place at a manufacturing company called Inmax industries.

The company is based in Seremban, Malaysia. The incident was brought to the fore after a Twitter user used the social media platform to share the visuals.

Horrific video of the incident shows a man dressed hitting a similarly dressed man with a stick. The man, who’s allegedly the other man’s boss, can be seen brutally smacking the employee on his legs multiple times. The alleged employee can be seen running away from the assault and the boss can be seen chasing him with the stick in his hand.

Another video shows the alleged employee showing the bruises he sustained. The alleged employee’s back can be seen bruised and purple with the assault. A third video, which appears to have been taken near a parking lot, shows the same man hitting another man with a stick.

Sharing the above-mentioned videos, the Twitter user wrote, “Please viral this video because this boss has been hitting his staff for too many years and no one takes action. Please stop this kind of cruelty.”

The Facts of the Matter

While many of us deal with work-related stress, there are those who are often pushed beyond limits. In one such development being reported from Malaysia, a boss is drawing the flak for allegedly beating his employees with stick.

Company Infamous for Similar Cruel Incidents

The manager in question works in Inmax Industries, a company that manufactures nailers, staplers, and other fasteners. It should be noted that the organization in question is infamous for ill-management of the employees. According to a News18 report, several such incidents have been reported from the company.

Twitter User Breaks Silence

The incident was brought to the fore by a Twitter user who shared a string of videos, which showed a man beating multiple subordinates with a stick.

“Please viral this video because this boss hitting his staff too many years no one take action. Please stop this kind of cruelty,” the man tweeted.

Along with the tweet, the man shared multiple videos. While one of the videos showed an alleged victim of the boss’s assault, other two showed the alleged boss and his horrific atrocities.

Boss Chases Employee with Stick

In one of the videos, which has been viewed over eighteen-thousand times, the alleged boss in question can be seen launching a brutal assault on his employee. The man hits his employee on his leg with a stick. To avoid his boss’s beating, the employee can be seen trying to run away as his boss gives him a chase.

In another video, which appears to be taken near a parking lot of the facility, the boss can be seen hitting a man in a similar fashion.

In a third video, a man can be seen showing his bare back with bruises all over it due to the alleged assault of the boss.

Police Launches Probe, No Complaints Filed

After the purported video went viral, it was reported that the Seremban police took a cognizance of the matter and has launched an investigation in the matter. While no official complaint has been filed against the abuse, the police are in the process of nabbing the individual seen in the viral video of Malaysian boss hitting his employee with stick.


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