A 71-year-old man in Delhi was arrested for hiring a contract killer and having his 35-year-old wife murdered, over a Rs 1 crore demand the wife had put on him. The incident was reported from Delhi’s Rajouri Garden and occurred earlier on a typical Wednesday afternoon this week. The matter had come to the fore after cops discovered the victim’s lifeless body with multiple stab wounds.

The alleged mastermind of the murder, SK Gupta, a seasoned 71-year-old chartered accountant, had married the victim just a year ago, purportedly to ensure the well-being of his 45-year-old physically challenged son, Amit Gupta. However, when the victim did not take care of the 45-year-old, the accused asked her for a divorce. This was the dominoes that would later fall and become the trigger point of the senseless act of violence.

The victim demanded Rs 1 crore for the divorce the accused wanted. Unable to bear the financial strain, Gupta made a fateful decision to eliminate the source of his anguish., Gupta sought the aid of Vipin Sethi, known as “Kaka,” a cashier from Gurgaon whose connections to the family offered an opportunity.

Sethi, accompanied by an accomplice named Himanshu, a cashier working with a cluster bus service, barged into the victim’s home, and subjected her to multiple stabbings.

The Facts of the Matter

In a spine-chilling incident that sent shockwaves through the national capital, a 35-year-old woman met a gruesome end in the heart of west Delhi’s Rajouri Garden. Police swiftly arrested her 71-year-old husband, a prominent chartered accountant, along with his 45-year-old specially-abled son and two other individuals, revealing a dark tale of a contract killing.

The victim’s dreams of a happy marriage and a secure future were shattered as her desire for divorce and a staggering sum of Rs 1 crore triggered a chain of events that culminated in her untimely demise.

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Accused Married Victim in Hope for Son’s Care

This plot unfolded with the revelation that the 71-year-old accused, an experienced chartered accounted, had entered matrimony with the 35-year-old victim just last year, driven by the hope that she would provide much-needed care for his disabled son. However, their relationship soured, and the accused sought a divorce from the woman.

However, the woman’s demands for Rs 1 crore, drove wedge between them.

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Accused Burdened by Wife’s Demand

SK Gupta, the husband, harboring an unwillingness to fulfill his estranged wife’s monetary expectations, hatched a diabolical plan to eliminate her. Seeking the help of his son, Amit Gupta, and an acquaintance named Vipin Sethi, known as “Kaka,” Gupta orchestrated a web of darkness that would seal the woman’s fate.

Unlikely Trio of Accused Shapes

A chilling collaboration took shape as Sethi, who regularly accompanied Amit to the hospital, joined forces with Gupta and his son. The sinister trio conspired to execute the woman’s murder, driven by Gupta’s desperation to avoid the exorbitant payment demanded by his estranged wife. To carry out the vile act, Sethi enlisted the aid of an accomplice named Himanshu, a cashier with a cluster bus.

The accused promised Vipin Rs 10 lakhs to eliminate his wife.

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Fateful Day Arrives, Contract Killer Executes Plan

The fateful day arrived, cloaked in an atmosphere of treachery and deceit. While Gupta was away at work in Gurgaon, Sethi and Himanshu gained entry to the couple’s residence on the ground floor. Their entry, seemingly benign, was facilitated by Sethi’s prior acquaintance with the family.

Unleashing a brutal assault, the murderers ruthlessly stabbed the woman multiple times, leaving behind a gruesome scene. In a sinister attempt to stage the crime as a robbery, they ransacked the house and absconded with the mobile phones belonging to both Amit and the ill-fated woman.

So far, SK Gupta, his disabled son, Vipin and Himanshu, have been arrested.


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