In shocking development emerging from Uttarakhand, a video showing ‘mass hysteria’ gripping a government school, where girl students can be seen screaming, crying and banging their heads, has gone viral.

The authorities are concerned as there are no causes that have been ascertained which may have led the students to react in such a manner. With the education department thrown in a tizzy, the incident has opened floodgates of “experts” on social media to come up with their own theory.

In triggering videos gone viral on social media, the government school students, mostly girls, can be seen howling, shouting and banging their heads. The students continue to act as if they are possessed, and shockingly, can be heard talking in gibberish. Some people in a state of disbelief try to take control of the matter. A man can also be seen using holy water on the students.

District Magistrate was quoted saying, “The students are stable now. They were given counselling and are still under observation. We are yet to ascertain what caused this and that might take a few more days since it appears to be psychological.”

While netizens are coming up with all sorts of theories, media outlets across the nation have labelled the incident as “mass hysteria”.

The Facts of the Matter

Education department and higher authorities in Uttarakhand are thrown in a tizzy after an alleged case of “mass hysteria” was reported from Raikhuli village in Bageshwar.

In the village, several school students, mostly females, were seen crying, screaming, and banging their heads to no end.

As if possessed, the students were also heard talking in gibberish. The entire ordeal was caught on cam, visuals of which are making rounds of social media.

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Video Shows Students Acting if Possessed

Hair-raising videos from the scene show the students of the government school in Raikhuli village acting in abnormal way.

The students, mostly girls, and in class eight, can be seen howling, crying, screaming, banging their heads, all in a horrific frenzy. Some people who are in an absolute state of disbelief try to control the matter and ask them to stop acting like that.

Watch Video Here (May Be Distressing to Some Viewers, Discretion Advised):

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Chaos Started with One Student

Speaking to several news outlets, the school’s principal Neermala Verma said that the incident took place earlier on July 26, Tuesday. She said that one female student came to her and she was crying extremely loudly.

When she asked the student the cause of her crying, the student didn’t answer. Soon, other students started crying as well. Before long, several students became uncontrollable with their cries and screams.

Some students came out of the school by crawling out of their tables. This was when the school authorities decided to take the students to a nearby field to calm them down.

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Case of Mass Hysteria or Something More?

As the authorities too have not been able to ascertain what caused the random outburst, many netizens on Twitter have been speculating what could be the cause of the incident.

Media on the other hand has labelled the incident as mass hysteria. Meanwhile, netizens on Twitter have also pointed to hallucinogens in food that may have led to the outburst.

Some Twitter users have also claimed that the entire incident could be paranormal, and something beyond human understanding.


What is Mass Hysteria?

Mass hysteria is often used when there’s a outburst of unusual and out-of-ordinary actions and behaviours, feelings, and even physiological symptoms, shared by multiple people in a group.

In 2012, a similar incident of mass hysteria was reported from Sri Lanka which was observed across 15 schools. According to reports, close to 2,000 students across the 15 schools were treated for symptoms including vertigo, rash, and cough, all believed to have stemmed due to mass hysteria.


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