In Bengaluru, a woman’s body was recently found in drum, a third such case in the last three months. The discovery has sparked debates over the possibility of a serial killer on prowl. In the most recent incident, a woman’s body was discovered at the Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal (SMVT) railway station in Bengaluru. Earlier, two bodies were also discovered in a similar situation, with one woman’s body in a yellow sack and another body in a drum. All three bodies were discovered at different railway stations in the city.

Amid the panic of a serial killer on prowl, police has dismissed rumors of such a killer on the loose. “This case has nothing to do with the two previous cases. So far, we haven’t found anything to indicate that a serial killer is involved,” a RPF officer was quoted saying.

On Monday night, railway police personnel at the terminal became suspicious after they detected a foul smell coming from a drum placed near one of the entry gates. The Baiyappanahalli police were immediately informed, and upon inspection, a decomposed body was found in the drum. The victim has been identified as a woman from Uttar Pradesh.

An investigation was soon launched, and three accused were apprehended. The three accused hail from Uttar Pradesh.

The Facts of the Matter

At the Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal in Bengaluru, a woman’s decomposed body was found in a storage drum, creating panic among the public. It was the third such incident in the last three months at a railway station in the city, and all three women were initially unidentified, causing fears of a “serial killer” and raising questions about security at railway stations.

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Authorities Dismiss Serial Killer Rumors

Amid the panic regarding a serial killer on prowl, the railway police has ruled out such a possibility, confirming that they have taken three people into custody for their involvement in the last killing. A police officer confirmed that the victim was from Uttar Pradesh, while the three accused were from Bihar.

As per a Hindustan Times report, the suspects brought the drum to the railway station in an autorickshaw and dumped it at the entrance.

Body of Woman Discovered in Drum

Earlier this week, Railway Police Force (RPF) personnel at the terminal became suspicious of a foul smell emanating from a drum near an entry gate on Monday evening. An autorickshaw driver at the station witnessed the discovery of the body and shared that the foul smell led the railway police to check the drum and find the decomposed body.

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Top Cop Gives More Details

Dr Soumyalatha S K, Superintendent of Police for Railways, has clarified that the three killings are not related, and there is no “serial killer” angle to the case. In the earlier two cases, the bodies were not from Bengaluru.

Once the arrest formalities are completed, more details will be released. Meanwhile, CCTV footage has been collected, and further investigation is underway. Three police teams have been formed to identify the culprits at the earliest.

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Bengaluru Rocked By Horrific Killings

In the past three months, bodies were found in gunny bags and dumped on the railway tracks or elsewhere. The earlier incidents are similar in nature to the recent one, where the miscreants murdered somewhere else and tried to dispose of the body at the railway station.

Two incidents of women’s bodies being found in unusual places in Bengaluru have occurred recently. The first one happened on December 6, when a decomposing body was found inside a drum that had been left on a train.

The second incident occurred on January 4, when a woman’s body with multiple injuries was found on a platform at Yeshwantpur railway station.


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