Imagine a situation where you have no money, nothing at all, not even a dime to get yourself a meal and suddenly you discover a mountain of Gold? 

You would say it can only happen in your imagination! But, to your surprise, such a dramatic discovery took place in the Republic of Congo where some villagers in Luhi, South Kivu Province, found a mountain full of gold.  

Yes, this is true!  This happened for real. The mountain is covered with Almost 60% to 90% of gold clay. It was spotted by the people who were working on extracting precious metals from the ground. Some videos of the incident/ discovery are all over the Internet creating a buzz. 

A mountain made of 60-90% gold has been found in a village in the Democratic Republic of Congo, instigating a bizarre rush of people. Apparently, the local people came with shovels and other tools, and reached the ‘Swarna Parbat’ to dig up the ground to bid for extracting the gold.

The viral video of this incident was shared on social media by freelance journalist Ahmed Algohabari. In this video dozens of villagers can be seen in the mountain of Luhi, located in the South Kivu province of Congo, after discovering the gold-rich region.

The freelance journalist wrote on his Twitter post : “A video from the Republic of the Congo documents the biggest surprise for some villagers in this country, as a mountain full of gold was discovered! They dig up the soil to deposit soil and take the dirt into their homes to wash Go and get the gold out.”

Following the incident, authorities have banned mining in the village to prevent illegal miners from stealing the recently found gold minerals.

The provincial government issued a decree earlier this week stating that the FARDC’s presence at the mine sites – prohibited under the Congo’s mining code – contributed to the “disorder” in Luhi.

Reportedly, the Congo is rich in natural resources such as wood, diamonds and minerals.

People often control mines with precious minerals including gold and then force people to extract resources from them so that they can use the money to buy weapons and ammunition.

What all we can say of this incident is that you never know how, when and where your life can change. 

We hope the government of Congo controls everything so that no illegal activities takes place and with that being said, Congratulations to them on this amazing discovery that will make the state rich.