In Delhi, a baby who was presumed dead, was handed to the family and kin in a surgical glove cardboard box. In a shocking video gone viral, the baby was found to be alive, raising questions on the medical negligence of the hospital. The incident was reported from LNJP Hospital, Delhi.

A preterm newborn, declared dead at Delhi’s Lok Nayak Hospital, was found to be alive after being handed over to the family in an empty surgical glove box. The incident came to light after a video was shared on social media, showing the newborn making movements in the box.

The family claims that they were initially turned away when they rushed the baby to the hospital, but the hospital says that treatment was started immediately. The family has not filed a complaint, and the hospital has formed a committee to investigate the incident.

The medical director of the hospital said it was a case of preterm delivery, and the baby had no signs of life at the time of birth, but later developed flickering movements. The baby was given life support, oxygen support, and put on a ventilator after the family returned to the hospital.

According to The Hindu, Abdul Malik, the father of the newborn, stated that the baby had remained inside the sealed cardboard box for more than two hours.

The Facts of the Matter

A family in Delhi has alleged that their newborn baby girl was wrongly declared dead by doctors at the city’s government-run LNJP Hospital. The baby’s uncle, Md Salman, said the family was making arrangements for the burial when they found her alive about 90 minutes after she was declared dead.

The baby was handed over to the family in a box, but when they opened it, they saw the infant moving her arms and legs. The family immediately took the baby back to the hospital, where they alleged that the doctors initially refused to admit the child

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Baby was Declared Dead, Now on Ventilator Support

A senior doctor at the LNJP Hospital has stated that the mother was 23 weeks pregnant, and the pre-term baby weighed only 490 grams (about 1.08 lb). The doctor maintained that the delivery was normal, but efforts were made to resuscitate the baby after it was declared dead. The baby is currently on ventilator support, and the hospital has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

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Disturbing Video Shows Newborn Packed in Box

The family’s allegations and a video showing the baby in a box have sparked widespread outrage on social media. The family has not yet filed a formal complaint with the police. The baby’s mother, who is 35 years old, has another daughter who is three years old.

The baby’s father is said to work in the business of simple toolmaking. The family is seeking action against the hospital and has called for the baby to be given ventilator support.

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Family Alleges Negligence By Hospital

Meanwhile, the baby’s uncle alleged negligence displayed by the hospital, claiming that the hospital refused to admit the baby again after the family reached out to the hospital staff.

“The guards misbehaved with us. We protested and asked them to admit the child but they refused to budge. We called the police, who then intervened and got the baby admitted again,” the infant’s uncle Salman was quoted in an NDTV report saying.


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