Earlier this week, a chemistry post-graduate was arrested in a Rs. 1,400 crore drug haul. The incident was reported from Mumbai. Many pop-culture enthusiasts have labelled the accused as Mumbai’s own Heisenberg, a reference to popular television show Breaking Bad. The Mumbai police also arrested four others for their involvement. The primary accused is a post-graduate of organic chemistry.

According to a TOI report, the anti-narcotics cell of the Mumbai police arrested the accused earlier on Thursday. The accused included the gang’s kingpin Pravin Kumar, and a woman as well. The police were able to recover as much as 704 kg of mephedrone, which is worth Rs 1,400 crores.

The other accused include Shamsullah Khan, Ayub Khan, Riyaz Memon and Riyaz’s girlfriend Reshma. The four accused used to buy the drugs from Pravin Kumar on an wholesale rate, and then used to supply it in the retail market. All accused have been booked under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

The primary accused’s life has drawn parallels from Breaking Bad. Pravin Kumar is an organic chemistry post-graduate and arrived in Mumbai back in 1997. Initially, he worked as a lowly marketing executive in a pharma company.

Slowly and steadily, he started using his insights and knowledge to formulate drugs on his own, and sell it.

The Facts of the Matter

‘I am the one who knocks.’

These 6 words from Walter White have been etched in the minds of people who have watched Breaking Bad, arguably the most critically acclaimed show to have been made in the last few decades. Recently, the city of Mumbai got its very own Heisenberg, thanks to the anti-narcotics cell’s efforts.

Earlier on Thursday, the anti-drugs cell of the Mumbai Police busted the drug-peddling ring whose kingpin is Pravin Kumar, an organic chemistry postgraduate.

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Meet Real Life Heisenberg

Kumar, who started his career as a marketing executive in a pharma company, had been using his knowledge of chemistry and was known for supplying dangerous drugs worth hundreds of thousands of rupees.

The Mumbai police recovered MD (mephedrone) worth Rs. 1,400 crore from Kumar’s possession. Along with Kumar, the police also arrested four other accused – Shamsullah Khan, Ayub Khan, Riyaz Memon, and Riyaz’s girlfriend Reshma.

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How the Police Busted the Drug Racket

Earlier in March, the police received a tip-off regarding the manufacturing of drugs at plants in Palghar, Ambernath. The tip-off was given by a peddler, who used to sell drugs in the Govandi-Mankhurd belt. According to police, the seizure is one of the biggest drug busts by the city’s police. They also mentioned how there will be a major shortage of the drugs for addicts.

According to a TOI report, the drug racket’s kingpin Pravin Kumar, obtained a postgraduate in organic chemistry. He arrived in Mumbai back in 1997 and started working as a marketing executive in pharma industry.

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Working in Pharma Industry

After 15 years of working in the profession, Kumar started supplying banned drugs and further got in touch with criminals who asked him to supply MD. Eventually, over the course of years, he was able to set up chemical units where he manufactured the drugs in batches.

Perfecting the Art of Creating the Best “Product”

Like Walter White’s character from Breaking Bad, Pravin too focused on his “product” and perfected the art of making the best quality MD. He initially started with selling 200kg of MD, and then gradually increased his output to 700kg.

The other four accused in the matter used to peddle the drugs on a retail rate after accruing the same on wholesale price from Kumar.


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