Indians have marked their presence across the globe. May it be Sir Ratan Tata of JLR or Mr Sundar Pichai of Google. We Indians never leave a chance to make our country proud. Such is also a story of this 10-year-old guy of Indian origin. Yes, you read that right. Ayush Kumar, from the USA, a 10-year young boy accepted his father’s challenge of “Not being able to make a mobile gaming application in 10 days”.

Ayush is an enthusiastic coder. He loved to code computer programmes, web applications and mobile applications. He started learning to code at the age of 4. His father and mother both are coders and he has grown to see them coding since his birth.

Even after being a kid with a unique interest, his father would not allow him to spend more than 30 minutes on any mobile computing device. Ayush gets to operate mobile devices for merely half an hour during the day. However, during that time also, he is fond of coding stuff on a mobile computer. He is also fond of gaming.

One day his father Amit, who is a self-described engineer and an entrepreneur in San Fransisco, told Ayush about the conference describing that it is a scholarship contest conducted by Apple, which invited students from across the world to showcase their skills. Ayush got excited to participate, but his father told him that he probably can’t get in but he can try.

Ayush took the challenge and to his father’s surprise, Ayush was ready with an app within 10 days to participate in Apple’s Conference. He developed an app based on physics. The app got accepted by Apple, is submitted to Appstore for review.

“You get to learn things in Apple’s Developer Conference that other people have never thought of before. I don’t get to use other mobile apps because I don’t have a personal mobile. But I got to learn good stuff there. I also have an interest in special technologies related to cars. When I grow up, I look up to develop cars like Tesla’s” says the youngest developer of Apple.

The minimum age for participating in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in 13 years. However, looking at the talent and enthusiasm of Ayush, Apple allowed him to participate even at the age of ten. The conference was successfully held on 3rd June and Ayush collected great knowledge and appraisal there.

Shiksha News wishes Ayush all the best for his future. May he become a motivation to thousand other young enthusiasts around the world and make India and USA proud.