In a shocking incident reported from Rajasthan, angry relatives of a man allegedly cut off the bride’s father’s nose after the engagement was called off. The incident was reported from Jhafanli village under the Sheo police station jurisdiction, Barmer. According to reports the victim was identified as Kamal Singh Bhati and the incident occurred earlier on Wednesday.

According to the victim’s account, his daughter’s engagement was fixed to a resident in Suwala village. However, over the concerns of safety, he decided to call off the engagement. The girl’s relatives had alleged that their family member was allegedly married to the same extended family, and had been murdered due to dowry.

Earlier on Wednesday, an argument broke out between the two sides as the girl’s father called off the wedding. This was when the boy’s relatives chopped off Kamal Singh’s nose and fled the spot. The accused reportedly took the nose along them.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the family of the boy considered the rejection an insult. They tried to convince the girl’s father and even resorted to threats. On Wednesday, when Kamal Singh was going to his farm, the relatives ambushed him and cut off his nose.

Earlier in April, three sisters, who were married off in one family, died of suicide by jumping in a well with their children.

The Facts of the Matter

Stories of jilted prospective grooms and their families resorting to threats, and worse, against the families of girls are not new in India. The fact that at least 19 women were killed on an average every day in 2020 due to dowry related incidents, sheds light on the fact that women continue to being victims of horrific crimes before, and after their marriage.

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Rajasthan Shocker – Man’s Nose Cut Off

In one such incident, a girl’s father was on the receiving end of horrific abuse when he called of his daughter’s wedding to a particular man. The incident was reported from Rajasthan.

According to reports, some enraged relatives of a man reportedly chopped off the nose of a man after he called off his daughter’s wedding to the member of their family. The incident was reported from Barmer’s Jhafanli village and occurred earlier on Wednesday.

The victim, identified as Kamal Singh Bhati, was later rushed to the district hospital where he currently is undergoing treatment.

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Cancelling Engagement

According to a TOI report, Bhati told police that he had fixed his daughter’s engagement with the boy belonging to a family in which his niece was also married. However, he decided to call off the wedding over safety reasons. Some of his relatives alleged that the niece in question was killed over dowry by the same family.

Groom’s Family Reacts

When the groom’s family found out about the intention of Bhati, they tried to convince him to change his mind. They also resorted to threats in order to pressurize Kamal Bhati into agreeing for the marriage. However, Bhati didn’t budge.

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Accused Took Chopped Off Nose

Earlier on Wednesday, when Bhati was on his way to his farm, at least 10 relatives from the boy’s family ambushed him. They allegedly thrashed him brutally, and then proceeded to cut off his nose as an act of exacting revenge. They further fled the spot and took the nose along with them.


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