In UP, two robbers ‘Chunnu and Munnu, left behind an apology letter, after they failed to rob a jewellery shop in Meerut. The sorry robbers were rather dedicated, as they dug up a 15-foot-long tunnel to get inside the jewellery store and somehow get their hands on the valuables. However, after they realised that they were not going to decamp the store, they simply left a ‘Sorry’ note. The matter came to the fore after the store owner got his store’s shutter lifted on Thursday this week.

The incident took place at a jewellery store called ‘Deepak Jewellers’ owned by Deepak Lodhi. Earlier on Thursday, the store owner came to the shop to lift the shutter and start the day’s business. He was shocked and horrified to find a deep hole in the floor of the store. However, his shock turned to abject confusion in no time.

He immediately informed the local police, who deployed a team of officers at the spot. The gang somehow managed to steal Rs 5,000 cash and some artificial jewellery of about Rs 45,000 by making their way into the store through the tunnel. However, when they tried to break the vault, they failed.

The thieves also wrote an apology note on the vault. “We belong to the Chunnu-Munnu gang. Sorry we couldn’t carry out the robbery successfully,” it read.

The Facts of the Matter

Apologetic thieves are a true contradiction in the criminal world.

On one hand, they’re breaking the law and trying to steal, but on the other hand, they have the audacity to say sorry for it! In one such incident reported from UP’s Meerut, two thieves who tried to decamp a jewellery store, ended up failing to do so, and also fled the scene leaving behind an apology note.

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Read “Chunnu and Munnu”’s Apology Letter

The thieves reportedly left an apology note on the vault that they could not break open. “We belong to the Chunnu-Munnu gang. Sorry we couldn’t carry out the robbery successfully. We just wanted to gain some fame from the attempt. We aren’t taking any of your belongings,” the apology letter read.

Deepak Lodhi, the owner of Deepak Jewellers, came to his store to open the shutter and start the day’s business when he was shocked to find a deep hole in the floor. According to reports, there was a 15-feet-long tunnel the unidentified accused thieves had dug from the drain near the jewellery store.

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Thieves Stole Rs 50,000 in Jewellery and Cash

Seeing the giant hole, Lodhi alerted the local police and a team of officers arrived to investigate. During investigation, it was revealed that the thieves took cash worth Rs 5,000 and some artificial jewellery worth Rs 45,000 from the shop.

The accused then tried to open the vault in the store. But the glass cutters they had brought along didn’t seem to be enough for their “project”. Further, it appears that a Lord Krishna idol made the thieves drop their plan.

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Lord Krishna Saves the Day

A News18 report quoted the store owner saying, “The thieves probably did not want to commit the crime with God watching them and turned the statue (of Lord Krishna) around.”

It appears that Chunnu and Munnu are no dumb and dumber. They did pay attention to the CCTV cameras recording their actions, and managed to steal the hard disk where the footage was being recorded.


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