In a disturbing video going viral, a student in Chhattisgarh was seen falling to his death while filming for an Instagram reel with his friends on terrace. The deceased youth in the matter was identified as 20-year-old Ashutosh, a BCA student. The incident was reported from Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur district and in the aftermath, an accidental death case has been registered at Sarkanda police station.

The video captured by his friends shows Ashutosh jumping on the window slab and expressing his apprehensions about jumping to another sunshade. His friend is heard coaxing him to do it, promising to capture the moment on video. In a matter of moments, Ashutosh falls 15 to 20 feet down, succumbing to severe head injuries.

Superintendent of Police (Bilaspur) Santosh Singh posted a truncated version of the video on Twitter, accompanied by a message of caution. In his tweet, he urged youngsters to exercise vigilance while creating risky videos for social media, as the consequences can be deadly.

As per reports, Ashutosh and at least four of his friends had gone to the terrace of an old building on the college premises. It was there that Ashutosh climbed on top of the sunshade above a window, apparently for the sake of filming an Instagram reel.

The Facts of the Matter

The craze for Instagram reels and selfies has taken the world by storm, with people going to great lengths to capture that perfect shot or create that viral video. However, this pursuit of social media fame has proven to be risky, as many have been hurt or even lost their lives in the process.

The recent incident of a 20-year-old youth falling to his death while attempting to film an Instagram reel with his friends is just one of the many examples of how this trend has been putting youths and adults in harm’s way.

The deceased youth in the matter was identified as 20-year-old and a video, which was taken moments before his death, was shared on social media by netizens, who urged others to keep caution while making reels.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video, Ashutosh, and a few of his friends, can be seen hanging out on the terrace of an old building. Ashutosh is then seen climbing on top of the sunshade over a window, and his friend can be seen telling him that the shade won’t break due to his weight.

Ashutosh also goes on to say that if he jumps from the window shade to another shade, he won’t be able to come back. To this, his friend tells him that he will be able to make his way back.

The friend’s coaxing does its trick as Ashutosh jumps. However, in a dramatic turn-of-events, he somehow falls at least 15-20 feet down on the ground, sustaining head injuries.

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Watch the Video here

(Discretion Advised)

Superintendent of Police Advises Caution

The incident was brought forth by SP Santosh Singh, who took to Twitter and shared an edited version of the video. He also cautioned youths to take note of incident and be vigilant.

“Today, while making Instagram reels with friends on Bilaspur Science College campus, a young man (in orange T-shirt) fell down. He could not be saved. Investigation is underway into the incident. Vigilance is necessary at all times,” Singh tweeted.

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Father Refused to File Case

The tragic incident occurred at approximately 3 pm on the grounds of Science College in Bilaspur, where the victim, Ashutosh, was studying alongside his friends.

Despite this devastating loss, Ashutosh’s father has chosen not to pursue legal action, and authorities have filed an accidental death report at Sarkanda police station.


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